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48 hours - 6 Meetings - 3 New Clients!
How Nick And Tom Met Cory and Ira...

You may recognize us as Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte located 
in beautiful Maui, Hawaii and the guys behind Offline Sharks.
Providing marketing services to local businesses allows us to enjoy a pretty sweet life. We get to work from home, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is rewarding.

We're always looking for systems and training that bring us more success and less hassles...and thats probably your goal too.

Awhile back Nick got a call from a fellow named Cory Sanchez.

That led to some discussion and when Nick called me (Tom) and told me about Cory and his partner (Ira) ...
My Head Practically Exploded!
Why? Because these guys were reaping big money and building a huge business from a lead source that we had barely touched.

We knew a few marketers that did well with LInkedIn, but many who did poorly, too. We figured it was a worked over, saturated lead niche by now...

Cory and Ira set us straight and we've never been the same since.

We're not alone in being impressed by Cory and Ira, as Forbes magazine included them on a list of "Movers And Shakers" in LinkedIn and internet marketing. (see below)
It's hard not to be impressed with 2 marketers, sharp guys no doubt, who brought in 186 clients in 6 months and are still growing right now.
By the way, those clients all pay monthly fees ranging from $1000 monthly (their minumum) all the way up to $2500 monthly.

(Incidentally they showed us sufficient proof to know this is true.)

So, they offered us a deal. Introduce them to our group of offline local consultants and they would offer them something extraordinary.

Thats what we're bringing you today. The phrase 'Special Offer' gets thrown around all too often today, but this is EXACTLY THAT.

As you'll see Cory and Ira do not do 'cheap quickie training'. They either do it full bore, pedal to the metal, take no prisoners or not at all.

..and their high prices reflect the value.

Our demand as part of the bargain, was a price that they initially refused..."Its way too low", they replied. Nick told them, "No big discount, no big deal...its your call."

I'm happy to report they finally agreed and what you're about to see will blow your mind, just like it did mine.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself but as you'll see, this offer is one of the best we've ever made.
Typical LinkedIn Advice DOESN'T WORK!
Getting Bad Advice on LinkedIn?

You'd be amazed how many LinkedIn 'authorities' are all talk - no walk. The amount of bad advice out there is stunning!

How hard is it to pretend to be a LinkedIn guru? Not hard at all.

Few will investigate you and fewer still know what to look for. OR they could be a once-upon-a type expert, y'know 5 or 6 years ago they knew a little...before all the changes.
But It Gets Worse:
While much of their advice doesn't work...some of these pretenders actually can make things WORSE for you on LinkedIn!

I know that's sounds crazy, but its true.
A Word To The Wise:
No expert should be consulted, no course purchased, no training enrolled in UNTIL you know WHO you are listening to. Cory and Ira's real world credentials are unparalleled.

Unless you have experienced their LinkedIn training you haven't experienced LinkedIn training. 
Forbes Magazine said...
"Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen co-founders of MoJo  Global.com Bestselling authors, international speakers, and  
winners of the prestigious Phoenix Business Journal's "Marketer  Of The Year" award.

Cory and Ira are respected globally as top B2B & LinkedIn lead generation and conversion experts.

Customers using their proprietary breakthrough leads system have booked over 500,000 appointments into the their sales pipelines..."
Think you Already Know LinkedIn? - Think Again!
Cory and Ira have perfected an autopilot marketing system for LinkedIn that's powerful and super easy to set up and use.

If you've bought any kind of LinkedIn marketing system before, they have an entirely new strategy.

LinkedIn is always making changes, but within this training you will never be in the dark. Their new strategies work in harmony with the latest LinkedIn requirements.
Only Up-To-Date Knowledge Will Work Today
Remember when all the social media platforms were easy?

When Facebook was a breeze to get traction on?

When YouTube was just getting started?

AND when LinkedIn was a flat-out piece of cake?

Its definitely different now, right?

But you can almost turn back the hands of time, and enjoy the kind of trouble-free marketing you dreamed about with LinkedIn.

If you're not getting what you want to get out of LinkedIn...its time to change that.
Take a look at just some of the things
revealed inside LI Client Igniter: 

Module 1
LinkedIn Opportunity

How to tap into LinkedIn 500 Million Person Database to find your next clients

LinkedIn List Injector: How to ROCKET past 500 connections

Authority maker: How to become the ultimate subject matter expert, even if you don't believe you are.

How to build and run your empire from anywhere

Module 3
The Reach-out

3 ways to engage your connections out of the blue

Business Boomerang: How to tap your existing network to get appointments

Shake the trees: Getting appointments and referrals from your existing database

Crafting a prospecting message

Module 2
Finding Clients

Identifying your perfect niche

How to use a FREE LinkedIn account to target your prospects

Finding free leads in LinkedIn Groups

Local lead finder: Using LinkedIn to find local clients

Entering the palace walls: Prospecting the wealthiest clients

How to use a premium LinkedIn account to maximize your firepower

DFY High-Converting Connection Message Template Included

Absolutely critical! Battle tested PROVEN message that will help you connect with potential prospects.

No need to to re-invent the wheel. Use this to get started quickly.
We're Also Including "Success Insurance" With This LinkedIn Software
Visit Thousands of Profiles with One Easy Click to Start Prospecting and Increasing Revenue Today!

Automated Prospecting Software

Automated LinkedIn Platform for Prospecting, Connecting, Recording, and Closing Deals (including all the marketing assets you’ll need along the way)

In Less Time

Are you spending too much time looking for leads and sending invites on LinkedIn?

Boost awareness with your audience and increase with automated profile visits.

With Less Energy

Tired of tagging, note-taking, copying & pasting, manually entering customer data, and organizing all your leads?

Export all your data, use it in Excel, your CRM or share it with your team in just a few clicks

Works with All Operating Systems

Runs as a Chrome Extension (meaning it will work for you regardless of your Operating System - as long as you have Chrome installed and know how to operate it, our software WILL WORK FOR YOU!)
See How Easy Our Software Is To Use
Click Above To Watch Demo Video
Proof You Can Build A Huge Income Stream!
Use These DFY Graphics On Websites, Emails, Social Media - To Quickly Grow Your Connections
Special Bonus Webinar Tuesday June 19th at 7 pm EST
How To Start Your Own Certified LinkedIn Agency And Close All The Deals You Can Handle At $997, $1,497, EVEN $2,497+ Every Month
Others JUST LIKE YOU have done amazing
with our training. Just look:
Whats in The Training Videos?

Some of the best training material you'll ever see. These videos present a system that anybody can follow and grow as big as they want. Videos include:
  •  Whats more important? Your website or your LinkedIn page?
  •  Professional Photos over amateur photos: which gets the most views?
  •  How To Have Instant Influence.
  •  On Your Profile EVERYTHING Matters
  •  Examples of Truly pro-level profiles
  •  Examples of Profiles that lack
  •  The biggest problem with LinkedIn profiles
  •  The magic of LinkedIn LEVERAGE
  •  LinkedIn Prospecting without you doing a thing
  •  Who closes our deals?
  •  How Corey Got his first client
  •  The Math that proves you'll build a 6 figure business
  •  How A Former Dominos employee closed 11 deals in one month
  •  Testimonials from users of the system while they travel the world
  •  #1 goal with every lead
  •  Why 2 stage conversations?
  •  "ABC" In sales talk is different in LinkedIn talk
  •  The BEST startup software for scheduling
  •  What percent really show for phone meetings?
  •  What to do with no shows?
  •  What should your message say
  •  What to NEVER do on your messages
  •  What LINKEDIN Message failures look like
  •  The Million Dollar Prospecting Message  (you will not believe this message!)
  •  You'll see Real live responses!
  •  How Linkedin Messaging Beats Facebook messenger.
  •  How Linkedin gives you hidden info
  •  Who can you Target on Linkedin?
  •  How many connections should you send?
  •  The LinkedIn Client Finder method
  •  How The business BOOMERANG works (powerful)
  •  Finding prospects with paid acccount
  •  Finding prosepcts in LinkedIn Groups
  •  Finding prospects in your local area
  •  Finding prosepcts with a free account
  •  Quick Results from Influencers
  •   4 ways to engage your connections
  •  Crafting the perfect prospecting message
  •  LinkedIn Client Igniter Software explained
Like Any New Service, You're Entitled to Ask,
"Can I Even Do This?"
Unequivocally, the answer is YES. We're so sure because we've already been training folks in our mastermind and have perfected our simple approach.

There is the expensive approach, the time consuming, complex approach, AND thankfully, our easy approach.

You'll make a great profit on your first client...after that it's all gravy.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Soon Before I See Income?
Its hard to say, since your own efforts play a big role, of course. Cory and Ira have had students sign new clients in just days from launching their prospecting.

And its much like a snowball down a mountain, gathering more momentum the longer you apply the system. 
Will there be a lot of competition?
No!..just the opposite. Most consultants have not figured out the right approach to LinkedIn. You'll know Cory and Ira's secrets AND you'll be shown ways to be unique and stand out.
Whats Unique about this?
They're teaching the one of the best approaches to LinkedIn prospecting and monetizing EVER.
These are the approaches that REALLY WORK and are proved by Cory and Ira's own major success.
Does this take a lot of time?
NO. Each marketing campaign can be launched by yourself or by a virtual assistant(s). You'll have a brief meeting by phone and then the critical followup. All less than an hour invested.
Is there anything unethical about this?
Absolutely Not. It is a simple proven formula to find clients by leveraging LinkedIn. ANY dedicated serious consultant can do this and feel proud.
Will LinkedIn members feel I know what I'm doing?
YES, because you'll have completed this training and be approaching them from a position of fellow membership and authority.
Will I need a large budget?
No, though even a small budget can speed things up. This way of reaching out through LinkedIn is more about using your own time and effort. Even or a broke new consultant, its a good choice.
What services will interest LInkedIn Members?
The same services that interest most clients. They can be attracted by SEO, Website Design, Lead Generation, Press Release marketing, mobile marketing and mobile apps. etc.
Will I need Employees?
NO (Unless YOU Want Them). If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource that is fine. But its not necessary.
Does this work outside the U.S.?
It should be just as effective. 
If It's so Good, Why Don't you charge more?
Cory and Ira are more concerned with growing their online customer base...so they aren't charging anywhere near their private clients pay. They don't want a high price to be an obstacle to you trying this.

Knowing Cory and Ira as we do, its instantly apparent they want to help others. They're generous with their time and their talent.
Do I Have to Use the Phone?
No cold calling required for this. This is offline marketing though, and you will be talking to prospects on a previously scheduled call via Skype or Zoom or your phone. This conversation is for you to qualify the client, thats all.
Is the Software difficult to learn?
Nope. Its easy and so powerful. Its an enormous time saver, and totally explained in the training.
What Skills Do I Need to Make This Work?
Nothing special just basic internet skills (which you already have or you wouldn't be reading this). The training will bring you all you need and any services you want to offer can be outsourced. They tell you the best outsourcing services, also.
Is this just a re-hash of their previous courses?
No, This new course is their premier training for LinkedIn. Its rarely offered and if it is, at a much higher price.
Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to set up face-to-face meetings?)
This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone. Its one of the most convenient home-based businesses you'll ever run.
(Are You Mowing Your Grass While The House Is On Fire?)
The temptation is to do everything BUT the prospecting that will turn your business around.

Making better business cards, designing logos, creating brochures, getting a nicer office, a better desk, fatter softer chair, professional photos and on and on.

We know, because we've been there. AVOIDANCE is not a business building strategy.

Instead of hoping for a miracle...be a miracle worker.

With LInkedIn you have the power to build your business to levels you're probably only dreaming of.
Cory and Ira open the vault and give you all this:
  •  The easiest way to go about finding business people that MUST have your services...
  • How to immediately get the attention of LInkedIn members that need YOU in a way that will guarantee they say 'yes' almost every time...
  •  The super simple, laid back approach that ensures you get the results that your client is looking for
  •  The number one thing that you must do after getting a LinkedIn Message reply.
  •  The perfect way to brand yourself so that people are finding what you want them to find about you.
  •  The perfect way to set things up for your prospect meeting so you are well-positioned to succeed. (Note: This is SO easy and SO effective)
  •  The difference between good LInkedIn Profiles and bad ones (they don't pull any punches)
  •  The professional tool you MUST have
  •  The story of how Cory got his first client
  •  Yes, even low numbers will produce a Six Figure Income - PROOF.
  •  Where Cory and Ira get all their leads (and appointments) Done for Them
  •  Their recommended software for scheduling. Free version.
  •  The stats: How many show up for phone appointments?
  •  How many "no shows" and what to do with them?
  •  The BIGGEST MISTAKE LinkedIn users are making!
  •  "Fast Food employee closes 11 deals"; You'll see how.
  •  NO guessing!...you'll see real, live responses from prospects.
  •  4 proven ways to find and engage prospects
LinkedIn Training That Makes You Money
By harnessing the power of the LinkedIn platform, you can tap into an expansive network. Tons of professionals, companies, and groups in your industry and beyond.
But typical LinkedIn training shows you how to expand your network, look for new career opportunities, join groups, share updates, learn privacy settings and account types, how to archive your data and contribute your thoughts in discussions.
All great.

But wheres the money?

Cory and Ira's training goes FAR BEYOND these simple basics.

They dig deep to show you a powerful system thats bringing them giant money every month. ANYBODY can teach you the easy stuff, in fact most of that can be found for free.

If you want to discover how to seriously and rapidly monetize LinkedIn then you need to be in this training...there is no alternative. 

100% 60 Day "No Worries" Guarantee

Use Li Client Igniter as we show you for 60 days. Really take action! If you show us that you gave it a fair shot and didn't get any results, we will happily refund your money!

Bottom line is this works 100% if you take action! If you're the type of person who just wants to see what the new shiny object is and then immediately ask for a refund, please don't buy and save us both the hassle.

We're here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions please send us an email and we'll do our best to help you!
New To Offline Or Experienced
We Help You Get RESULTS
There's a reason why our training business has grown so much over the last year; Results.

Whether you're just starting out or established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can get better results, faster results and easier results.

And, to make absolutely sure you get results, we've laid everything out in easy-to-follow video training. Plus you get access to us via email if you have any questions.
An Offline Sharks & Mojo Global Product Launch
Tom & Nick
Cory Michael Sanchez
Ira Rosen
Earnings Disclaimer
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you improve your business skills and encourage you to take action so you can build your business. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don't enroll in our programs if you believe in the "money for nothing get rich quick" ideology; we only want serious people who want to work hard to build their business. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all our programs we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. That's why it's important that you read all of our terms and earnings disclaimers via the link below as you are not guaranteed to get results or earn an income. It's all the regular legal disclaimers but we feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. That's why we also put our disclaimers on all our checkout pages. Thanks for stopping by.