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Advanced LinkedIn Training Videos from Cory
Advanced Training Video 1
Influencer Engagement: Engaging and Partnering with Elite Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, & Decision Makers
($47 Value)
This new presentation gives you multiple strategies to land bigger and better clients. Cory reveals the secrets he and Ira are using that go above and beyond the norm. You want this.
Advanced Training Video 2
Whale Hunting: How to Find Mammoth Sized Opportunity in LinkedIn ($47 Value)
Cory helps you target the BIG FISH and secure larger fees. LinkedIn is the perfect place to apply what Cory teaches in this New Advanced Video Training.
Professionally-Produced Done-for-You
LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Materials
It would take weeks of planning and designing to produce anything close to what we're handing you today. These materials are super-sharp and free up your time to prepare to handle new clients.
30 Days of DFY LinkedIn Postings
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Hate to Write? We don't blame you. You'll get 30 days worth of quality, professionally written post to give your LinkedIn profile "juice" and set yourself up as an instant expert!
3 Copy & Paste Invitation To Connect Messages
($37 Value)
Absolutely critical! Battle tested PROVEN messages that will help you connect with potential prospects. Why re-invent the wheel when you can grab these response-generating messages and sit back?
4 Copy & Paste NEW Connection Messages
($47 Value)
Build the message momentum! These new messages written by Cory & Ira's team will increase engagement and generate a high rate of response. Saves you mountains of time, too.
2 High Converting Direct Mail Sales Letter
($47 Value)
More Power Here! These professionally-written direct mail sales letters just plain work!

They're a great way to follow up with prospects you've connected with on LinkedIn. Presents you as a top pro to LinkedIn members.
3 LinkedIn Lead Magnet Reports
($47 Value)
Professionally written lead magnets.

Brochure Bait Pieces! Use as opt-in bait for your autoresponder or use on your website or FB page! Its content that sells.
15 Never Released Professional LinkedIn Cover Backgrounds
($47 Value)
Amateurs starve, Pros Feast! You NEED a professional looking background image on your LinkedIn profile.

Use these little gems for your own profile or on clients profiles.
3 Professionally Written LinkedIn Blog Posts
($27 Value)
"Education Marketing" works! Position Yourself as an Authority on LinkedIn.

These can be used for blog posts, social media posts, or website content.
2 LinkedIn Hot Sheets
($27 Value)
Content That Sells! These Hot Sheets can be used on your website or print and hand out at networking events. No writing - no effort.
3 LinkedIn Prospecting Email Templates
($27 Value) DFY PROVEN HIGH CONVERTING email templates.
Don't have time to write? Don't agonize over what to say- don't procrastinate.

Our templates are proven to convert!

Use these templates to sell LinkedIn marketing services and put more money in your pocket by the end of the week!
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